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Ranger R26EX Tire Changer

The tire machine we use is designed to take on the widest wheels and the most stubborn to change tires. It's built for racing! The Model R26EX features exclusive Dual Pneumatic Power Assistants capable of flexing even the stiffest sidewalls and a Power Taper Roller to allow easy bead lubrication and mounting. A special Total Rim Protection Package protects even the most delicate wheels through the entire process. 


DST-1000 Wheel Balancer

This balancer uses “Digital-Sensor Technology”, a highly accurate sensor system. The proven “Direct-Axis” drive system that is accurate to within hundredths of an ounce ensures wheels are balanced vibration-free. The DST-1000 features Dynamic, Static, and Performance Alloy capability. Not only will this machine balance your road race tires, but also your daily driver tires. 


Drop Shipping

Feel free to have your tires and wheels shipped directly to our location:

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