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Package Pricing
Dismount 4 Tires + Mount 4 Tires $40
Mount & Balance 4 Tires $50
Dismount 4 Tires + Mount & Balance 4 Tires $50
Dismount 8 Tires + Mount 4 Tires $55
Dismount 8 Tires + Mount & Balance 4 $65
Dismount 4 Tires $20
Mount 4 Tires $30
Balance 4 Tires $30
Remove/Replace 4 Wheels On Car * $20
Individual Tire Pricing
Dismount Single Tire $5
Mount Single Tire $7.50
Balance Single Tire $7.50
Mount & Balance Single Tire $15
Remove/Replace Single Wheel On Car * $5
Tire Disposal (for unwanted tires) ** $2/ea
Rubber Valve Stems FREE
Rubber Valve Stem w/Chrome Sleeve and Cap $1
Chrome Metal Valve Stem w/Cap $3
Aluminum 949 Racing Valve Stem w/Cap $5
Install TPMS Sensors $5/ea.
Install Aluminum Tape Over Wheel Weights $10/set
Tire Repair (plug type) $5/ea
Tire Repair (patch type) - includes tire dismount and mount $15/ea
* Our pricing structure is designed for loose wheels/tires. If you would like us to take the wheels off of your car, there is an additional charge.
** We use Tire Disposal and Recycling Inc. to provide legal and environmentally friendly tire disposal.
Tax will be added to all services.
We accept cash and check only.
How To
Schedule Service

Just give us a call at
or on our cell at
to schedule service.

We're located at:

16542 115th Ave SE
Renton, WA 98055
Need To Order Wheels/Tires/Performance Parts?

We want to keep you in top form by providing you quality go-fast parts for all your performance needs.
Please use our links when ordering product from any of our partners - this helps us keep our prices low. 
If you need to request a special service that is not an option on the Tire Rack order form (such as overnight shipping or street tire shaving), CONTINUE PLACING YOUR ORDER ONLINE. At the bottom of the last page of the order form is a box that says "Are there details about your order you'd like us to know? (optional):"  Simply type "Hold for additional instructions" in this box. Once you have finished your order, follow-up with a phone call to a Tire Rack customer service representative to tell them of your special needs. The Tire Rack representative will make any adjustments and your order will be shipped.

Click here to order:
The Tire Rack - Performance Specialists

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The Tire Rack Wheel Clearance Event!


Ranger R26EX Tire Changer
The tire machine we use is designed to take on the widest wheels and the most stubborn to change tires. It's built for racing! The Model R26EX features exclusive Dual Pneumatic Power Assistants capable of flexing even the stiffest sidewalls and a Power Taper Roller to allow easy bead lubrication and mounting. A special Total Rim Protection Package protects even the most delicate wheels through the entire process.

                                                         DST-1000 Wheel Balancer

This balancer uses “Digital-Sensor Technology”, a highly accurate sensor system. The proven “Direct-Axis” drive system that is accurate to within hundredths of an ounce ensures wheels are balanced vibration-free. The DST-1000 features Dynamic, Static, and Performance Alloy capability. Not only will this machine balance your road race tires, but also your daily drivers!


At your first tire service, we will give you a loyal customer discount card. Bring this card with you every time you visit Tight-n-Tidy Racing and we will punch the card once for every four tires serviced. Once you have four punches, your next mount/dismount of four tires (a $40 value) is FREE!



Please feel free to have any items that you purchase for your vehicle drop shipped to our location:
16542 115th Ave SE
Renton, WA 98055

Once your items arrive, we'll contact you so we can proceed accordingly. This service will eliminate the hassle of you having to wait for your shipment and then having to find time to bring the items to us.


We offer local pick-up and delivery!  The pricing below is for up to 4 wheels/tires. Call us at 425-235-9382 or 206-251-7413 to schedule this service.

We will pick-up your wheels/tires, complete your requested work, and deliver them back to you for $25.  Currently we offer this service within 15 miles of our business.

We will pick-up your wheels/tires at a local autocross, complete your requested work, and return the items to you at an agreed upon autocross event for $30.

We will pick-up your wheels/tires at a local autocross, complete your requested work and and have them available for you to pick-up at our business location for $20.
PLEASE NOTE: We are only offering the pick-up/delivery option to locations within 15 miles of our address. All pick-ups/deliveries are on a first-come, first-served basis. For directions and to figure your distance from our location, enter your address in the direction fields on our Location/Contact Us page to mapquest the distance from your pick-up spot to our address. If you are within 15 miles, we'll be glad to come to you.